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Revolution Metals To Present At The China Gold Technology Forum August 27

Revolution Metals, an Australian public company with proven gold assets in NSW Australia, will present in Shandong China at the China Gold Technology Forum on August 27th.

Revolution will present on new technologies as applied to mineral discovery including the use of Deep Ground Penetrating Radar (DGPR) to identify mineralized structures up to 200 metres below surface.

The forum is hosted by the China Gold Association, Zhaoyuan Gold Association and the Shandong Zhaojin Group Co., Ltd.

China's gold industry now witnesses steady increase in gold output as well as leapfrogging development of the entire industry chain ranging from prospecting, mining and metallurgical processing to consumption, investment and trade. Technological strength and innovation capability play a key role for enterprises' sustainable development.

With the theme of "Technology Create Future", the topics of the 2018 (6th) China Gold Technology Conference will focus on the exploration and development of deep mineral resources, aim at improving production efficiency, reducing production costs of enterprises, facilitate the construction of safe environmental protection and green mines by the application of digitalization and informatization of mining technologies.

The conference this year will help effectively strengthen mutual exchanges and interaction between Chinese gold enterprises and relevant service providers in and outside of China, so as to facilitate the technological innovations and changes of gold enterprises in China.

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About Revolution Metals Ltd:

Revolution Metals Ltd is an Australian public company and developer of mineral resources. The focus of the company is to develop mineral assets of economic grade to production, providing investors with rapid return on investment. Revolution's current tenement holding comprises 40 square kilometres of mineralized gold, silver, nickel, cobalt and lead bearing structures in northern New South Wales, Australia.

The primary gold bearing ironstone and quartz deposits of Mt Remarkable, Pine Creek and Alice Cornwall, are part of a field of numerous reefs and historical artisanal workings with over sixty identified as producing gold over a century ago.

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