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NSW Department Of Industry: Investor Opportunities In NSW, Australia.

During 2016 the Division of Resources and Energy will be conducting a series of presentations featuring investment opportunities in the resources and energy sectors. The focus of these presentations will be projects in NSW. One such project is Revolution Metals, an historical gold bearing area in north east NSW, that has significant potential for extension of existing discoveries to a become one of NSW's leading gold projects.

Revolution Metals Limited was formed in December 2012 with a focus on developing high-value gold assets from discovery through to production, providing investors with rapid returns on investment.

Revolution Metals holds a two exploration licences (ELs) in New South Wales (NSW) covering 40 km2 of the historic Dalmorton Goldfield. The ELs contain numerous gold workings, many dating from nineteenth century artisanal mining when rich quartz reefs were mined to shallow depths.

EL8118 and EL8273 are located approximately 67 km west of Grafton NSW and are close to modern infrastructure and amenities. The ELs are situated in rugged terrain, however they are accessible with conventional vehicles.

Key investment prospect

Dalmorton Goldfields: gold was originally discovered in the Dalmorton district during the 1860s and mining continued throughout a wide area in alluvial deposits and in over 80 reefs to shallow depth until 1942, when all mining activities ceased. The period of greatest reef-mining activity occurred between 1871 and 1900. Most of the known reefs have been located by a combination of field work and historical research.

From 1981 to 1987, Little River Goldfields NL itself and in joint ventures with Getty Oil Development Co Ltd and BP Minerals Australia (BPMA) explored the area drilling over 120 holes. Mineral exploration was discontinued when the joint venture partners ceased mineral exploration statewide to focus on oil exploration.

Project potential

In June 2015 a JORC compliant resource statement was issued for an exploration target of 571 000 oz of gold, with 26 000 oz of gold ready for a bulk sample mining program. Only 4% of the mineralised strike zone of 4 km has been drilled, indicating the prospectivity for increasing the gold reserves by multiple times. Further exploration to define a resource of >1 Moz of gold is underway, in conjunction with the recovery of the existing near-surface gold deposits. The company is seeking investors to finance the public listing of the company and raise capital to begin activities. Initial expenditure of ~US$2 million is projected to progress the project to a bulk sampling mining operation.

Opportunities for major investors

Apart from the initial gold rush of the late 1800s, very little development of the gold resource has been carried out since the miners left the area at the start of World War II. Exploration in the 1980s led to more valuable discoveries; however no extraction of the gold was commenced. The area, with over 80 known producing gold reefs, has remained undeveloped since the early 1940s. The focus of modern development and exploration is to target a deeper source of gold than that sought by the early miners.

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About Revolution Metals:

Revolution Metals is an Australian based developer of mineral resources. The focus of the company is to develop mineral assets of economic grade to production, providing investors with rapid return on investment. Revolution's current tenement holding comprises 40 square kilometres of mineralized gold, silver and nickel bearing structures in northern New South Wales, Australia

The primary gold bearing ironstone and quartz deposits of Mt Remarkable, Pine Creek and Alice Cornwall, are part of a field of numerous reefs and historical artisanal workings with over sixty identified as producing gold over the previous one hundred years.

About NSW Dept of Industry:

Industry Investment and Export Support Branch is the NSW Government's lead economic development agency for the state's resources and energy sector. It is the first point of contact for investors wanting to participate in the NSW mineral/energy industry, and for explorer-miners seeking key strategic investors to help develop their NSW projects.

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