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Revolution Metals Confirms Significant Gold In Assay Data For Pine Creek Lode

Revolution Metals, a minerals and resources company focusing on developing mineral assets in Australia, announces that it has completed assaying drill core that has been stored for over 30 years at the NSW Core Library at Londonderry.

Core samples were visually inspected for mineralisation, and selected cores were split and bagged for a multi-element assay and fire assay to determine gold content. The more extensive multi-element assay for these samples will be used to re-validate the existing assay results from the 1980s and allow the deposit to be classified under the JORC code for a classified mineral resource.

ALS Mineral Laboratories performed a multi-element assay in conjunction with a fire-assay for Gold and significant other elements from selections of the drill core obtained from diamond drilling at Pine Creek within the exploration license EL8118.

The assay confirmed significant gold in all samples assayed.
Assay Results:
     From  To    Intvl  Au
     (m)  (m)    (m)   g/t
DDH2 31   32      1     0.7
DDH2 32   33      1     1.7
DDH2 33   34      1     2.7
DDH2 34   35      1     2.0
DDH2 35   36      1     1.1
DDH2 36   37      1     4.0
DDH2 37   38      1     4.2
DDH2 38   39      1     4.6
DDH2 39   40      1     1.9
DDH2 40   41      1     8.2
DDH2 41   42      1     2.5
DDH2 42   43      1     3.9
DDH2 43   44      1     1.8
DDH3 8     9      1     3.8
DDH3 9    10      1     2.9
DDH3 10   11      1     0.9
Revolution Metals CEO, Tim Mckinnon said, "The assay results obtained from the laboratory are in line with our expectations and we expect that the re-validation of the drill core, along with additional ground surveying in January 2014, will see a defined JORC resource at Dalmorton"

History of the Dalmorton Gold Fields

Previous exploration and shallow drilling has identified 232,000 tonnes of mineralised gold bearing lode containing an average grade of 3.27 g/t. at the "Pine Creek Lode". The drilling will further establish the depth at which this deposit extends, and evaluation of other significant deposits within the Exploration Lease.

Historical artisanal mining recovered significant gold from alluvial deposits and quartz vein reefs, of which there are over 80, identified from historical records. No modern exploration techniques have been applied to the area which shows all the hallmark indicators of a deep Intrusive Related Gold System (IRGS) in the Lachlan Fold Belt.

Recent evaluation of similar deposits in the Lachlan Fold Belt of NSW have proven to be previously unrecognised large IRGS systems.

The exploration activities will focus on defining an underground source of gold that has been the suspected source for over 80 gold reefs in the area that were hand mined in the late 1800s. In addition to the gold reefs, a significant discovery of a gold bearing ironstone strati-form (vertical outcrop) has been identified and preliminary diamond and RC drilling carried out establishing gold mineralisation occurring from surface to an unknown depth.

About Revolution Metals:

Revolution Metals is an Australian based developer of mineral resources. The focus of the company is to develop mineral assets of economic grade to production, providing investors with rapid return on investment.